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1983 King Air - F90     Serial # - LA - 184

                  Total Time Since New                     2898.2

                  Total Landings Since New              2782

  Engines   Left Right
Serial Numbers  PC-E92604  PC-E92605
Time Since New  2898.2 3205.6
Total Cycles Since New 2782 3112
Time Since Hot Section Inspection 367.3 674.7
  Propellers  Left Right
Serial Numbers  EAA1938  EAA1917
Time Since Overhaul  367.3 367.3
Date of Last Overhaul  02/02/00 02/02/00


Avionics Equipment
Dual Comm  Collins VHF-20A w/CTL-20Control, Antenna
Nav #1 Collins VIR-30 AGM w/Sperry RD Ind. CTL-30 control &DMN 4-15 Nav Antenna
Nav #2 Collins VIR-30AG  w/ 331A-3G Indicator CTL-30 Control on DMN-15 Antenna
Radio Panel Custom Edgelighted
Inst. Panel Dual Flight Instrumentation w/ Sectional Panels, White Lighting
ADF Dual Collins ADF-60A less Ind. w/ Dual CTL-60 Controls and Dual ANT-60 Antennas
Marker Beacon Dual in VIR-30's w/ Dual Lights, Antenna
Glideslopes Dual in VIR-30's w/37P-5 Antenna
DME Collins DME-40 w/339F-12 Ind., Nav 1/Hold/Nav2/Switching, Antenna
RMI's Dual Collins RMI-30's w/ VOR-1/ADF-1 and VOR-2/ADF-2
Compass 1 Sperry C-14A-43 less Servo Amplifier
Compass 2  Collins PN-101
Auto Pilot/Flight Dir. Sperry SPZ-200A w/Manual Electric Pitch Trim & Altitude Preselect, Speery SPI-400 w/ AD-500B F.D.I.RD-550R HSI
Color Radar Sperry Primus 300S w/ Digital Display Indcator & Phased Array Antenna
Inverters Dual Flite -Tronics PC-17's 600VA w/ Failure Light
Transponders Dual Collins TDR-90's w/Single CTL-90 Control, Dual antennas & Piolt's ATC Ident. Button
Altimeter Collins ALT-50A  w/339 R-4 Ind.
Encoding Alt. Sperry 4016341-903 w/418285-903 Altitude Alerter/Preselector
Monitor King KI-207 on Pilot's Side to Repeat Nav #1/GS #1 and Nav #2/GS #2
Gyros AD-500 F.D.I. & RD-550R HSI, Pilot: 3" ACF G.H & 331A-3G HSI
Turn and Bank 2" Electric in Lieu of Pilot's Std. 3"
RNav Foster Air Data LNS-616 Vortac/RNav
GPS King KLN90B GPS Coupled I.F.R. Approved

Optional Equipment

Life Port Plus System Includes

Sony stereo .......... Magnadyne Speakers ........ KGS Converter ....... Wulfsberg Rec/ Trans.

Wulfsberg Handset ....... Wulfsberg Control ....... Wulfsberg Antenna ....... Wulfsberg Hangar Handset

Raisbeck Exhaust Stack Farings ....... Raisbeck Wing Lockers ....... Raisbeck Lower AFT Fuselage strakes

Four cabin Seats Lateral Tracking- Club configuration

Aisle facing storage seat w/ Air, Light, ash tray, water Tank, Ice Chest and Rremovable 4-Bottle/Decanter Rack in Locked Drawer

Second cabin Door Support Cable ....... LS & RS Cabin Tables w/ U.S. Maps

Cabin Window, Fourth -RS ....... Flushing toilet, Electeic -AFT , Foeward Facing

Cabin Fire Extinguisher ....... Flight Hour Recorded ....... Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator -LS

Tires, 10 Ply Rated, Main Landing Gear ....... Entrance Door Step Lights ....... Recognition Lights - Wing Tips

Strobe Lights - 3 Light System ....... Three Drawer w/ General Storage RS Forward Cabinet

Automatic Propeller Feathering w/ Reversible Pitch Propellers and Propeller Synchrophaser

Pilot and Copilot Underseat  Map Cases ....... Pilot and Copilot 2 Compartment Map Cases

Liquid Despenser w/ 1 Dal. Heated Liquid container, Cup Dispenser, Two  General Storage Drawers and Overboard

Exterior       (10/10) Interior     (10/10)
Overall White with Greystone and Regal Blue fuselage Speed Lines Cabinetry - Driftwood Beech

Seat Belts - Gull gray

Cabin/ Cockpit Seats Leather Burgundy Color

Burgundy Carpet Throughout, Lower side-walls Leather and Carpet covered Burgundy Color


Inspection Status:

Biannual and Interim Inspections completed March/2000

Currently on Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Schedule.  

                 Phase 1 through Phase 4

 Annual &Phase II Inspection Completed Feb./2002 for C of A Renewal                                      

Asking Price of  $1,300,000.00 U.S

Phone    (306)931-0171