For Sale

1989 T210N Centurion II

S/N 210-64541

                  Total Time Since New                     3313

  Engine  Continental TSIO-520R-9
Serial Number  269813-R
Time Since Factory Remanufacture   2-1-92     243 HRS

Zero time since major repair due to sudden stoppage. New crankshaft, new cam shaft, cylinders top overhauled at time of major repair.

Model  Macauley D3A34C402-5
Time Since Overhaul  0 HRS.


Avionics Equipment
Intercom -4 place Flight Com 403 MC
Nav/Com Dual King KX 165A
D.M.E. King KN 63
A.D.F. King KR 87
Transponder King KT 76A
Auto pilot S-Tec AP55
Strike finder stormscope SF2000
Audio Panel King KMA 24
GSP/Nav coupled King KLN 89B T.S.O.ED
Compass system with Dual K1204 H.S.I.s & Dual K1 229 R.M.I.s. King KCS 525A
Dual Altimeters with blind encoder for transponder Mode "C"
Ice Protection
Pneumatic De-ice boots on wings horizontal and vertical stabilizer leading edges
Electric windshield anti-ice panel
Electrically heated propeller blade anti-ice boots
Heated pitot tube
Heated stall warning transducer
95 amp alternator
Ice detector light

Optional Equipment

Interior     New  July 2001   Leather seats & side panels all in taupe colored leather

                  New matching dark taupe wool carpeting

Exterior    New  June 2001    Overall white with navy & gray trim

Appraised at $266,506.00 US

Asking  $230,000.00 US

Phone    (306)931-0171